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Programmes and Topics

 For Parents

1.                   The absolute importance of unconditional love

2.                   Mass Media and your child

3.                   Teaching boundaries with kids

4.                   Ten principles of character building

5.                   Stress and your child

6.                   Understanding your child

7.                   Pornography – resisting the epidemic

8.                   Understanding your teens

9.                   Dangers facing  teens

10.               Deceptions in the Modern World

11.               Healing the 8 stages of life

12.               Healing the Inner child


For Youths / Teens

13.               Language of love for teens

14.               Language of love for kids

15.               Bondage Breaker





“ if my people who are called by my Name will humble themselves,  pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. ” 2 Chron. 7 : 14


Covering the following areas :-

  • When mountains won’t move – victory over strongholds in your life
  • Unleashing the promises of God in prayer
  • Prophetic Intercession – responding to the voice of God
  • Principles of prayer
  • Covenant Relationships – Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Meditation & Contemplation
  • Spiritual Warfare in prayer – breaking strongholds
  • Prayer – transformations in family and society
  • Perseverance – don’t give up
  • Intercession – unlocking God’s agenda
  • Intercession – claiming our families for God
  • The Harp & the Bowl – worship & intercession
  • Understanding the Covenant Love of God – the key to a committed prayer life
  • Dynamics of faith
  • Finding favour with God :  Esther – finding favour with the king …her obedience bring liberation.
  • Burning Bush – the Moses encounter in intercession- discovering the manifest presence of God.
  • Spiritual warfare

With practical workshops on prayer, prophetic worship & intercession, dreams & visions, hearing the voice of God, etc.





For all Catholics

         Purpose of Divine Healing

         Healing the 8 stages of life 

         Core Human Needs 

         Breaking down the defenses.

         Healing the Inner Child

         Walls of our Heart

         Dysfunctional Childhood

         Wrong self image and self acceptance

         Dealing with shame – shame game

         Healing the 9 months in the womb

         Divine plumbline

         Understanding suffering

         Breaking the wall of fear

         7 Biblical steps to restoring a broken relationship

         Breaking Bonds of Unforgiveness

         Walking in true freedom

         Pride and Brokenness

         Managing Anger

         Victory over depression and stress

         Managing worry and anxiety

         Healing of memories

         Practical workshop : Healing with the Rosary ( joyful mysteries )

         Practical workshop : Milestones

         Practical workshop : Family meal time

         Practical workshop : Gestalt Chair

         Practical workshop : Birth Experience


For leaders in movements who desire to grow in the gift of Inner Healing 

       Wounded Healers

       Praying for Inner healing

       Discerning the root

       Basic Understanding of Spirit, Soul and Body

       Clues to Inutero Wounds

       Counseling Skills

       Detecting Psychosomatic Illness



         Basic Counseling Skills

         Discerning the source

         Healing the 8 stages of life  - Erik Erickson

         Core Human Needs 

         Walls of our heart


         Praying for breakthrough

         Overcoming Crisis and Adversities

         Breaking down the defenses.

         Healing the Inner Child

         Wounded Healers

         Pastoring & Sheperding

         Walls of our Heart

         Transactional Analysis

         My life map

         Pastoral counseling



For those involved in the prophetic ministry, leadership of communities and prayer groups.


  • The Gifts Vs. The Office
  • The Ministry Of The Prophet
  • The Gift Of Prophecy
  • Introduction To The Prophetic Realm
  • The role of the prophet
  • Prophetic Training and Growth
  • Prophetic Ministry: How to See in the Spirit and Begin Prophetic Words    
  • The Elijah Company Of Prophets In The Coming Restoration And Purification
  • Restoration, Reformation, Revolution, And Resisters
  • Identifying Your Prophetic Ministry
  • Understanding the Prophetic Gifts
  • Practicing the Gifts:    Dreams and Visions,
  • Practicing the Gifts:    Prophecy, Utterance, Urim and Thummim, Journaling
  • Judging Revelation and Testing the Spirits, Discerning the Spirit
  • Entering the Secret Place
  • Birthing your prophetic Ministry:     Labor, Die and be Diligent!
  • Death of a Vision
  • Where you stand in prophetic Training:     Prophetic Ministry Vs. Prophetic Office
  • HOW TO HEAR in the spiritual realm,  HOW TO SEE in the spiritual realm




1-   The Importance of music

2-   The Genesis of music

3-   The Goals of a worship service

4-   Satan and Music

5-   The song that kills ( warfare )

6-   Expression of warfare and worship

7-   Definitions of praise

8-   Plowing with praise

9-   Praise in the life of Jesus

10-  What is true worship ?

11-  Manifested presence of God

12-  Worship in Spirit & in truth

13-  Prophetic song and Music

14-  Why should we praise the Lord ?

15-  Worship – a door to the supernatural power of God

16-  Praise in Battle

17-  Praise and the ingredient of Joy

18-  Preventatives to praise

19-  Praising in a crisis

20-  Praise and the gift of visions

21-  Acceptable worship

22-  No worship – no rain !

23-  The authority of our feet – the warfare of the dancer !

24-  Worship in high places

25-  Delivering word of knowledge in song

26-  Worship – the heart of evangelism

27-  Cultivating the presence of God

28-  Developing a song ( Spiritually led song writing )

29-  Worship on earth  - as it is in heaven !

30-  Making His praise glorious

31-  Becoming a kingdom of priests

32-  Pulling down strongholds

33-  Worship intercession – the harp & the bowl

34-  Seven enemies of worship

35-  The Davidic Generation – a generation that worships like David

36-  Extravagant worship

37-  The awesome house of God – restoring the Tabernacle of David

38-  Ushering in the Glory of God



1-  Building the personal life of the worship leader / musician

2-  Preparation in leading praise & worship

3-  Leading in worship effectively

4-  Worship leader and Music ministry relationship

5-  Why the need for a worship leader ?

6-  Who should lead in praise & worship ?

7-  How to select a worship leader ?

8-  Learning direction and knowing your people

9-  Encouragement – the tool of the worship leader



1-  The role of the musician in the kingdom of God

2-  Musical instruments in the Bible

3-  The role of music in the prophetic song

4-  Building the personal life of the worship leader /  musician

5-  Building effective music ministry

6-  Music ministry in tune with the Spirit

7-  Worship leader and Music ministry relationship

8-  Role of the musician in a Charismatic prayer group




Brief outline of topics :-

Talk 1 :  Christian Love 

  • Loving One Another
  • Loving God
  • Loving Yourself


Talk 2 : Power of the Flesh – “ Old Nature ”


Talk 3 : Spiritual  Warfare – Victory in the spiritual realm.

  • Spiritual Warfare, Discernment,
  • Spiritual Authority of the Christian
  • Victory in Christian Life
  • Overcoming Sin


Talk 4 : Call to Holiness – Repentance and Restoration


Talk 5 : Christian Character – Fruit of the Spirit


Talk 6 : Spiritual Breakthrough – Tapping into the Anointing –

  • Charisms of the Holy Spirit, anointing of the Holy Spirit, for service


Talk 7 : Call to Evangelise

  • Evangelisation and mission


Talk 8 : Suffering

  • Suffering, trials, victory through suffering, perseverance, purification, embracing the cross,



Talk 9 : Constants of Christian Living

  • Prayer – principles, dynamics, methods, lifestyle,
  • Worship
  • Word of God, Dei Verbum, Teaching authority of the Church, Majisterium
  • Church  - Authority and Submission
  • Sacraments

Leadership Training Programme


For all Catholics leaders :-

         Biblical leadership principles

         Leadership with a vision

         Servant leadership

         Stress and burnout in ministry

         Developing a life purpose statement

         Developing gifts for leadership

         Moving in discernment

         What it means to be a Christian leader ?

         The call to leadership

         Temptations of leadership

         9 qualities of a Christian leader

         4 leadership styles

         New testament models of leadership

         Heart of leadership – self serving vs. servant

         Discerning and developing God’s vision for the group



Talks in “ Call to Holiness ”  open to all Catholics-

  • Definition of Holiness
  • Holy Spirit - the fire of Holiness
  • Fear of the Lord
  • Anointed for Holiness
  • Opening up the wells of the Holy Spirit
  • Freedom from guilt

         A call to repentance -  a fire to burn away your sins

  • Preparing the altar for fire
  • Dynamics of temptation
  • Community : instruments of holiness
  • Earthen vessels ( the common made holy )
  • Source of Holiness : Abiding in Christ
  • Growing in Holiness
  • The struggle & warfare of santification
  • Truth : Means of santification
  • Agents of Santification :-
  • Holy Spirit : Filled with the power of Holiness
  • Keep the fire burning
  • Undergoing suffering for holiness
  • Purification of the Lord
  • Cross – instrument of Holiness
  • Baptism of Fire
  • Keys to Spiritual Revival
  • Experience of God
  • Justification and Sactification
  • What is Holy Living ?
  • How can we overcome sin ?
  • How can we be conformed to the image of God ?- “ Be perfect as I am perfect ”
  • A changed relationship : from Slaves to Sons


Practical dynamics/workshops :-

  • Cross Celebration
  • Guided Meditation / Reflection
  • Personal Counselling / Spiritual Direction
  • Personal prayer/ Testimony


Talks designed for all Catholics-

  • Meaning of Christian Disicpleship
  • Becoming like Christ
  • Lordship of Jesus
  • True Transformation
  • Renewal of the mInd
  • Constants of the Disciple
  • Life Principles
  • Humility
  • Suffering
  • Waiting on God
  • Decisions
  • Stewardship of Time
  • Stewardship of Money
  • Service
  • Spiritual Warfare


Talks designed for all Catholics-

  • Definition of Evangelisation & mission
  • World Realities
  • Myths about Evangelisation
  • Evangelising in Asia
  • Evangelising in Europe
  • Understanding “ Redemtoris Missio” and “ Evangelii Nuntiandi “
  • Evangelisation in the eyes of “ Ecclesia in Asia
  • Stages of Faith
  • Evangelisation in Catechetics
  • “Oikos” Evangelisation


Talks designed for all Catholics women, PRESENTED BY Veronica Antoine -

       Being a Christian Women today

       Made in the image of God

       The role of women in the body of Christ

       Esthers of today

       Daughters of God

       Women in Ministry

       Taking your place in the body of Christ

       Self acceptance

       Inner healing

       Forgiveness & Reconciliation

       Walls of your heart

       Rejoicing in Suffering

       God’s love letter to women

       Vocation of marriage or singlehood



With teachings and practical workshops on moving in the giftings

Session 1 – “ Overview of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit “                                                                

Session 2 – “ The gift of tongues “                                                                                                   

Session 3 – “ The gifts of Prophecy                                                                                              

Workshop – “ Prophecy   “ – Part 1

Workshop – “ Prophecy   “ – Part 2                                                                                                      

Session 4 –  The gift of Interpretation of Tongues “

Session 5 –  “ The gift of Discernment of Spirits “

Session  6 - “ The gifts of Word of Knowledge & wisdom “                                                                                                                         

Workshop - “ The gifts of Word of Knowledge & wisdom “                     

Session 7 ‘ The gifts of faith, healing & miracles “               

Workshop - “‘ The gifts of faith, healing & miracles “ 

High Praise & Fresh Anointing

some possible additional topics :-

         Charisma vs. Character

         Discernment of the Charisms

         Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

         Understanding the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

         Moving in the anointing of the Holy Spirit


Catechetical Training Programme

for all parish Catechists :-

       What is catechesis

       Stages of faith

       10 doctrinal deficiencies in catechesis

       General Directory of catechesis

       Evangelisation in Catechesis

       Catechesis session plan


       Art of teaching the faith

       Use of media, illustration, music and drama.

       Faith – taught and/or caught ?

       Faith formation and the role of parents and teachers



Called to serve His Kingdom seminar

a weekend programme designed for who are serving the Catholic church in one way or another.

         Servant leadership in the church

         “Doulos” – meaning of service

         Authority vs. Submission

         Biblical leadership principles

         Stress and burnout in ministry

         Team building

         Pride vs brokenness

         Practical : placing your life on the Altar

         Practical : washing of feet



a weekend programme designed for all Catholics who have need for personal freedom in their lives.


Theme : Mind Over Matter  - Scriptural Reference: Romans 8: 5-8


1. Our sinful natures are born in the mind - many are trapped by lies, worldly desires

2. The mind has to be in line with the Spirit in order to please God

3. Entrapment comes in the ways of addictions, unforgiveness and ignorance of the truth

4. Set the mind right with the Spirit to gain life and peace (Freedom)


Session 1 – Core Human Needs / healing the nine months in the womb   Session 2 – Healing the 8 stages of life  

Session 3 – The wall of fear and the wall of freedom

Session 4 – The blood of Jesus sets us free 

Session 5 – Victory in the Holy Spirit










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