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Jude and Veron giving a teaching

  Jude and Veronica Antoine

Full Time Catholic Lay Missionaries


Both are ages 42 and have been married since 1993.  Having two girls, Lavinia Antoine (12 years old) and Alicia Antoine (10 years old), we have been proclaiming the healing  message of Gods love to a broken and wounded world on a full time basis since 1994. Traveling to 24 different countries, we were Gods instruments of bringing new freedom in the lives of individuals, prayer groups and communities around the world. Preaching an uncompromising message of faith in the Person of Jesus Christ, God has used us across the boundaries of race, religion and creed. Judes personal encounter with God in 1981 and Veronica encounter in 1983 led both of us into the Catholic Charismatic Renewal ( CCR ) in Malaysia and we proceeded to serve the CCR  at different capacities of leadership. Then feeling called to put out into the deep , we left our professional careers to answer Gods call to be a full time lay missionary family. Since 1994, we have been living a  life  of  total  dependence on providence. Within the  last  10 years,   we have  had  the privilege     to  preach, teach   and  minister  Gods  healing  love  in

   Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria,  Greece and United Arab Emirates..


 In 1998, we joined the International Catholic Programme of Evangelisation ( ICPE ), a Catholic lay association with Canonical Pontifical  Recognition, based in Rome. From 1999 2001, we were based in Malta, Europe and brought the Gospel to the people of Europe.

In December 2001, we moved back to our home in Kuala Lumpur  and now from Malaysia, we bring the message of Jesus, the Prince of Peace throughout Asia Oceania.  

Details :-

       Nationality : Malaysians of Indian descent

       Married to Veronica Antoine since 1993 with 2 daughters Lavinia Abigail Antoine ( 12 years old ) and Alicia Anne Antoine ( 10 years old )

       Age - Jude : 42 years old / Veron : 42 years old.

       Jude - professional career : Banker with United Malayan Banking Corporation for 11 years.

       Veron - professional career : Secretary / Personal Assistant in Volvo Malaysia for 15 years.

       Jude begun a personal relationship with God in 1981.

       Veron begun a personal relationship with God in 1983.

       Jude -  active in Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1983, leading St. Joseph prayer group in Kuala Lumpur.

       Veron active in Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1984,leading Our Lady of Lourdes prayer group in Klang.

       Jude & Veron -  served at various levels of leadership in Catholic Charismatic Renewal, from prayer group leadership to Diocesan Service Team, since 1983 - 1994.

       Jude - musician, singer and song writer; composer of Renew Me, O Lord 1989.  

       Jude - directing the Youth Evangelisation School  ( YES ) from 1993- 1998.

       Jude began full time pastoral ministry  in 1994.

       Veron began full time pastoral ministry in 1998.

       Jude involved with the leadership of Kuala Lumpur Archdiocesan School of Evangelisation ( WET Working Evangelisation Team ) from 1993 1998.

       Jude co-founder of WORKERS FOR THE HARVEST a Catholic alliange of evangelistic ministries within Asia Ocenia geared towards mobilising 10% of Catholic worldwide into short term missions.

       Jude member of the Youth Arise International ( YAI ) International Council YAI  is a Catholic initiative promoting world wide youth evangelism and discipleship.

       Jude & Veron founders of Partners in Mission ( PIM ) - a network for lay Catholics interested in supporting and participation in short term missions.

       Veron -  member of Mother's Prayers an intercessory ministry for mothers based in United Kingdom.

       Jude worked in colloboration with International Charismatic Consultation on World Evangelism  ( ICCOWE ) - an ecumenical body with a heart for evangelisation, since 1996.

       Jude -  worked in colloboration with Evangelisation 2000 Asia Ocenia and Europe and  ACCSE ( Association of Coordinators of Catholic Schools of Evangelisation ) Asia Ocenia and Europe, since 1996 in facilitating and running Catholic Schools of Evangelisation in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Malta and Germany

       Jude & Veron joined  International Catholic Programme for Evangelistion ( ICPE ) full time since August 1998, in Wellington, New Zealand.  Ministered as a family in Malta, Europe with the ICPE Malta Mission Centre from 1999 2001.

       Moved  to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  in December 2001.

Jude & Veron founders of Kerygma Ministry a lay Catholic ministry of    proclaiming the love of God to the world. It aims to disciple, train, equip and mobilize lay Catholics to live and share this same love with others. By infecting and affecting others for Christ, Kerygma seeks to participate in the evangelizing mission of the Church   the Mission " Ad Gentes

Tel. No. 00-603-40433126