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Veronica preaching the Word of God

1    Programmes


         Scripture Study,  eg. Little Rock Scripture Study , Joy of Discovery

         Courses, eg. Alpha Course

         Ministry Training Programme, eg. Call to serve His Kingdom

         Leadership Training Programme

         Lenten Retreats Blood Covenant , 7 Last Words on the Cross

         Retreats, eg. Call to Holiness , Intergenerational Healing , Breakthrough Retreat

         Seminars,eg.  Healing the Inner Child , Worship Seminar , Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit , Prophetic Seminar

        Schools of Evangelisation and Missions

        Discipleship Training Programmes


The above programmes are a combination of teaching, preaching and ministry and could be conducted based on any of the following modules  :-

v    Inner Healing

v    Intergenerational Healing

v    Freedom from Bondages

v    Breaking Strongholds

v    Dynamics of Praise and Worship

v    Mission and Evangelisation

v    Community Life

v    Hearing the voice of God

v    Spiritual Warfare

v    Intercession and Prayer  

v    Discipleship

v    Shepherding 

v    Christian Character 

v    Kingdom Living Principles

v    Dynamics of Faith

v    Sin and Salvation

v    Spiritual Breakthrough

v    Anointing of the Holy Spirit 

v    Moving in the power of the Spirit

v    Spiritual Gifts Workshop 

v    Covenant Relationships 

v    Prophetic Ministry 

v    Healing the Inner Child

v    Blood Covenant 


2    Ministry

a)    Prayer and healing ministry

b)    Christian Counselling

c)    Spiritual Direction

d)    Telephone Prayer Hotline

e)    Women's Ministry

f)      Men's Ministry


3    Mobilising

a)    short term missions

b)    long term missions

with a choice of local and foreign opportunities to share to gospel through a variety of means , ie.  mercy work, creativity ( mime, drama and dance ), proclamation or community building.


4    Networking


with various ministries, movements and bodies within the Catholic Church in the international level.


5. Community Life


an experience of living in a faith community with the express purpose of growing in your spiritual walk and building your Christian character.

Jude proclaiming the Word of God


" I wish to invite

the church to

renew her

missionary commitment".

(John Paul II,

Redemptoris Missio 1)

Tel. No. 00-603-40433126 

Check our calendar page for listings of events.